unofficially starting 26.2 training

The past 3 long runs I’ve done 10 miles, 11.68 miles and 12.4 miles I have done without any assistance from powerbar chews gels or gu I am very proud of myself!!! So I think its time to step it up a notch and unofficially start training for my firtst full marathon. My next half is in 119 days and my 14.2 race is in 109 so since this is sort of “down time” training wise I figured I’d give it a sdhot and try and run maybe 15 miles on my long run today. I’ve done 2 6 mile days and one 8 mile the past 2 weeks so I’m sort of following the 26.2 schedule anyway. Let’s see how it all goes later. I have chews with me, maybe I won’t have to use them again. But 15 miles is a long tim e so we will see.

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race calendar

ooking at this on paper all I can think of is I’ve lost my mind completely. But know I can do it all!!! May 1st- long island half. May 21st- blue point brewery 5k. June 4th- cheerleading duties at the virginia wine country half ( for once ill be on the sidelines). June 11th- tour de cure 32 mile bike ride ( maybe 35 who really knows). June 13th- hecksher park 5 miles. June 20th- sunken meadow 10k( killer!!!). June 27th- camusett 5k. July 11th- hempstead lake 4k. July 18th- belmont lake 5k. July 25th- robert moses 5k. August 1st- bethpage 5k. August 8th- jones beach 5 miles. August 14th- fire island 5k. August 27th- beachpalooza 5k(obstacle race). Sept 4th- manhatten 14.2 run( longest run so far). Sept 17th- cow harbor 10k. Sept 24th- hamptons half marathon. Oct 1st- entemmans 5k. Oct 2nd- divas half marathon. Oct 22nd- rock n roll nyc 10k November- little break. Turkey trot at some point. December 4th- vegas half marathon with team challenge(running the strip at night). And if I survive up until this point training for my first full marathon will begin. And march 24 2012- 13.1 nyc with heather

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long island 13.1 playlist

ts quite a mix. Some similiar to vegas and suffolk races. Dance and rock music all the way. Bon jovi- living on a prayer. Bon jovi- we’ve got it going on. Buckcherry-crazy bitch. Flo rida- club can’t handle me. Flo rida- sugar. Guns n roses- welcome to the jungle. Pitbull- hey baby drop it to the floor. Hinder- all american nightmare. Janet jackson- rhythm nation. Jlo and pitbull- on the floor. Journey- any way you want it. Journey- don’t stop believing. Kaci battaglia- body shots. Kid rock- bawitaba. Kid rock- american bad ass. Lady gaga- space cowboy. Lady gaga- pokerface. Limp bizkit- break stuff. Linkin park and korn- one step closer. Linkin park- don’t stay. Linkin park- points of authority. Lmfao- shots. Metallica- enter sandman. Metallica- wherever I may roam. Miley cyrus- can’t be tamed. Motley crue- dr feel good. Motley crue- kickstart my heart. Nickelback- something in your mouth. Nickelback- burn it to the ground. Pitbull- bon bon. Pitbull- krazy. Prodigy- breathe. Queen- we will rock you. Twisted sister- were not gonna take it. Van halen- you really got me. Van halen- panama. White zombie- more human than human. Wynter gordon- dirty talk. 38 songs later bam 13.1 miles done

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16 days until the tour de cure

I’ve done 25 miles now and eeven though I’m extremely slow I still think ill be able to do 32 maybe even 35 as lisa pointed out to me lol. Considering I up until march I hadn’t been on a bike since I was about 12 I think I’m doing pretty damn good lol. I am litlle sdcared mostly of crashing into someone or something so I think ill start last ahah. Anyway it should be a fun day and has been a great new challenge. After running 3 half marathons I felt like I needed a new challenge. We shall see mayb I will do a dualthon next year

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havent updated in a while. long island half marathon may 1st 2011- half marathon number 3

I’ve been slacking a little with my updates so I figured I’d catch up now. . My third half marathon was on may 1st 2011 and I once again ran a personal best 2:12:11. I was hoping to get a 2:10 but I came up just short. Oh well there is always next time. Leading up to the race though I was hurting really bad the week before. I ran on the treadmill which I should learn never works out well before a race and my ankle felt really swollen. And it felt pretty sore all week but I pushed through each workout best I could. Finally when I ran my last 20 min workout the day before the race I felt awesome and ready to go!!! Race morning I woke up at 3:30 am ate breakfast and felt good and ready. The gun went off and I felt like a million bucks I was crusing along. First 5′ I ran a 23:30 holy crap!! Totally awesome then around mile 4 I went over on my ankle grrr and it started ti hurt. So brtween miles 4 and 9 I really slowed down and was feeling like crap. My 10k split was not terrible 1:01 flat. Then once we hit the wantagh parkway for mile 10 a I caught my second wind and I took off. And I finished strong so all in all I was happy with the race:)

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23 days until the long island half marathon- speed test today

only 23 days to go until the long island half marathon. And i really want to beat my time from the suffolk county half marathon by another 5 mins.  (2:10 is my goal.) So in order to do that i guess i have to work on my speed.  For whatever reason im never fast when i train only here and there.  but i always stay consistent. Today i decided to try something ive never done before. I set the treadmill to 9.0 which is a 6:39 mile to see if i could do it for 10 mins. The most i’ve ever done at that speed was a min.  So i did 10 and then another 10 and then another. And i wound up doing a full 60 mins at that speed. Yup i ran 9 miles in a hour.  Im really starting to scare myself. 

the tour de cure training is going well as well. i made it up to 18 miles the other day.  i hope it starts getting warmer out soon and less windy(that is the key less wind) so i can get out on the real bike more. during the week i mostly do biking at the gym which is also good endurance wise. But my main thing is the balance issue. 

oh well i guess thats it for now. Will update on my training again next week

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26.2 might be in my future

I have been thinking a lot about running a full mararthon. I looked at the training schedule and the only difference is longer long days. I’m basically doing the short day schedule now. Soooo hmmmm could the long island 26.2 be in my future??? I think I’m gonna go for it in 2012. I would like to do nyc and boston one day as well if I could ever quualify for it.. We shall see

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