march 1st-one month until 13.1 part 2

my second half marathon is almost here. its on march 27th at suffolk community college. Ive felt great up until this point. i have been out there training in all sorts of crazy weather, wind, rain, snow(yes i even rain 10 miles in snow), ice, extremely cold temperatures you name it.  but this week im really having an off week. Saturday i had a great run at hecksher park did about 2 1/2 on my own, then heather joined me for 4, then i did another 2 after she left. Then on sunday i did i nice easy 2 mile run with heidi at eisenhower. But since then i just can’t get my legs going, i try and i had to stop almost immediately due to cramps, calf pain or foot pain. and once again my feet are swollen and its hard to get my shoes on  EEk!!!! So im gonna take the next couple of days off and then see how i feel on friday. Saturday is supposed to be my last 10 miler before i start tapering off.  HOpefully all goes as scheduled. But on the plus side, this is almost exactly what happened right before the vegas half marathon in decemeber. The week before i could barely complete 6 miles and then i completely smashed the 13.1 on race day. So hopefully thats all thats going on again.  that my body is just being st

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