5 days to go until 13.1 the sequel

the day is almost here.  in 5 days i will be running in my second half marathon. And then a month from that my third. CRAZY> im beginning to wonder what i got myself into. Im just kidding.  Well todays 3 mile run didn’t go too well, i cramped up pretty bad but i think that is just because i didn’t stretch before hand. i know better than that i was just in a rush i guess. I will make sure to do plenty of stretching tonight and tomorrow morning. 

For some reason this time around, i don’t remember being so thirsty the week leading up to the race. But i literally had 3 bottles of powerade and 6 bottles of water yesterday. Plus my sleeping pattern got totally messed up.  hopefully tonight i get back on track. 

As for the tour de cure, i have started the training plan for that as well, I rode 20 mins on friday, 60 mins yesterday and 45 today and feeling good about it. Just have to get used to sitting on a bike again and keeping my balance. Other than that im not worried about it at all anymore. it will be a great day. 

well time to rest up. will have another update on how my run goes on thursday and friday.

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