13.1 the sequel is now in the record books

My first half marathon of the year is now in the record books. I and I killed it!!!! Not only did I beat my previous time but I smahshed it by 5 mins!! Woo hoo!! Not bad considering my legs were tight all week long and when I woke up I almsost considered just skipping the race. But I worked too damn hard all winter to give up. A dehayes never gives up!!! So I stretched and stretched and stretched all morning long hoping it made a difference. And boy did it ever!! I smashed every personal record I’ve ever had in this race. I ran a 7:45 mile on the first mile, a 26.37 5′. A 54 10′ and 8 miles in 1 hour 15 mins. Holy crap!!!! I must have really been flying. I know I slowed down a little towards the end. I was hoping to finish in 2:11 at the pace I was going. But 2:15:46 is still freakin awesome!!!! Just proves you should never stop believing in yourself!!! You can do anything you set your mind to. I ran an entire half marathon for the second time in my life. That is just mind boggling. And I literally ran. I only had to stop once to tie my shoes. And when I finished I felt like my legs were on fire. Don’t know if that’s good or bad lol. Also my hands were literally frozen into position. I lost my gloves when I got down to tie my shoes around the 8.5 mile mark. But whatever they were old gloves anyway. Now I will be resting for the next two days. And then its back to training cuz yes I am running another half marathon in 4 weeks. Crazy!!! And I hope to better my time yet again. Let’s see if it happens . 2:11 I will get you!!!

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