23 days until the long island half marathon- speed test today

only 23 days to go until the long island half marathon. And i really want to beat my time from the suffolk county half marathon by another 5 mins.  (2:10 is my goal.) So in order to do that i guess i have to work on my speed.  For whatever reason im never fast when i train only here and there.  but i always stay consistent. Today i decided to try something ive never done before. I set the treadmill to 9.0 which is a 6:39 mile to see if i could do it for 10 mins. The most i’ve ever done at that speed was a min.  So i did 10 and then another 10 and then another. And i wound up doing a full 60 mins at that speed. Yup i ran 9 miles in a hour.  Im really starting to scare myself. 

the tour de cure training is going well as well. i made it up to 18 miles the other day.  i hope it starts getting warmer out soon and less windy(that is the key less wind) so i can get out on the real bike more. during the week i mostly do biking at the gym which is also good endurance wise. But my main thing is the balance issue. 

oh well i guess thats it for now. Will update on my training again next week

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