havent updated in a while. long island half marathon may 1st 2011- half marathon number 3

I’ve been slacking a little with my updates so I figured I’d catch up now. . My third half marathon was on may 1st 2011 and I once again ran a personal best 2:12:11. I was hoping to get a 2:10 but I came up just short. Oh well there is always next time. Leading up to the race though I was hurting really bad the week before. I ran on the treadmill which I should learn never works out well before a race and my ankle felt really swollen. And it felt pretty sore all week but I pushed through each workout best I could. Finally when I ran my last 20 min workout the day before the race I felt awesome and ready to go!!! Race morning I woke up at 3:30 am ate breakfast and felt good and ready. The gun went off and I felt like a million bucks I was crusing along. First 5′ I ran a 23:30 holy crap!! Totally awesome then around mile 4 I went over on my ankle grrr and it started ti hurt. So brtween miles 4 and 9 I really slowed down and was feeling like crap. My 10k split was not terrible 1:01 flat. Then once we hit the wantagh parkway for mile 10 a I caught my second wind and I took off. And I finished strong so all in all I was happy with the race:)

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