unofficially starting 26.2 training

The past 3 long runs I’ve done 10 miles, 11.68 miles and 12.4 miles I have done without any assistance from powerbar chews gels or gu I am very proud of myself!!! So I think its time to step it up a notch and unofficially start training for my firtst full marathon. My next half is in 119 days and my 14.2 race is in 109 so since this is sort of “down time” training wise I figured I’d give it a sdhot and try and run maybe 15 miles on my long run today. I’ve done 2 6 mile days and one 8 mile the past 2 weeks so I’m sort of following the 26.2 schedule anyway. Let’s see how it all goes later. I have chews with me, maybe I won’t have to use them again. But 15 miles is a long tim e so we will see.

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