13.1 the sequel is now in the record books

My first half marathon of the year is now in the record books. I and I killed it!!!! Not only did I beat my previous time but I smahshed it by 5 mins!! Woo hoo!! Not bad considering my legs were tight all week long and when I woke up I almsost considered just skipping the race. But I worked too damn hard all winter to give up. A dehayes never gives up!!! So I stretched and stretched and stretched all morning long hoping it made a difference. And boy did it ever!! I smashed every personal record I’ve ever had in this race. I ran a 7:45 mile on the first mile, a 26.37 5′. A 54 10′ and 8 miles in 1 hour 15 mins. Holy crap!!!! I must have really been flying. I know I slowed down a little towards the end. I was hoping to finish in 2:11 at the pace I was going. But 2:15:46 is still freakin awesome!!!! Just proves you should never stop believing in yourself!!! You can do anything you set your mind to. I ran an entire half marathon for the second time in my life. That is just mind boggling. And I literally ran. I only had to stop once to tie my shoes. And when I finished I felt like my legs were on fire. Don’t know if that’s good or bad lol. Also my hands were literally frozen into position. I lost my gloves when I got down to tie my shoes around the 8.5 mile mark. But whatever they were old gloves anyway. Now I will be resting for the next two days. And then its back to training cuz yes I am running another half marathon in 4 weeks. Crazy!!! And I hope to better my time yet again. Let’s see if it happens . 2:11 I will get you!!!

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5 days to go until 13.1 the sequel

the day is almost here.  in 5 days i will be running in my second half marathon. And then a month from that my third. CRAZY> im beginning to wonder what i got myself into. Im just kidding.  Well todays 3 mile run didn’t go too well, i cramped up pretty bad but i think that is just because i didn’t stretch before hand. i know better than that i was just in a rush i guess. I will make sure to do plenty of stretching tonight and tomorrow morning. 

For some reason this time around, i don’t remember being so thirsty the week leading up to the race. But i literally had 3 bottles of powerade and 6 bottles of water yesterday. Plus my sleeping pattern got totally messed up.  hopefully tonight i get back on track. 

As for the tour de cure, i have started the training plan for that as well, I rode 20 mins on friday, 60 mins yesterday and 45 today and feeling good about it. Just have to get used to sitting on a bike again and keeping my balance. Other than that im not worried about it at all anymore. it will be a great day. 

well time to rest up. will have another update on how my run goes on thursday and friday.

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more marathon sayings

Marathon runners could definitely use some inspiration during their 26.2 mile journey. Here are some inspirational quotes for spectators’ signs:

“On this day, you’re my hero.”

“Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”

“You’ve done harder things than this.”

“You made it to the START, you will make it to the FINISH.”

“Pain is just weakness leaving your body.”

“Remember the reasons you are running.”

“It’s not 26.2 miles…it’s 10 water stops.”

“Last is just the slowest winner.”

“My mommy is faster than your mommy.”

“If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

The person who starts the race is not the same person who finishes the race.”

“This 26.2 is for all the girls picked last in gym class.”

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marathon poster ideas

Marathon runners love to read signs along the race course to help break the monotony. If you’re planning on watching a marathon, make some signs -– the runners will love you for it. Funny spectator signs are always a good distraction. Here are some ideas:

“In our minds, you’re all Kenyans.”

“Your feet hurt because you are kicking so much butt!”

“Your legs will forgive you…eventually.”

“Don’t stop — people are watching.”

“That’s not sweat, it’s your fat cells crying.”

“If it was easy, I would do it.”

“Run like you stole something.”

“This is easier than labor and delivery.”

“You’re not slow. You’re just enjoying the course.”

“Stop reading this and keep running!”

“Beat Oprah!”

“Puke and rally!”

“Don’t worry, toenails are overrated.”

“Run like someone’s chasing you.”

“It’ll feel better when it stops hurting.”

“Mortuary ahead….look alive!”

“If I ran it, by God, you can, too.”

“Chuck Norris never ran a marathon.”
“Staying up all night making this sign was hard too.”
“You are NOT almost there.” (seen at mile 1)
-Contributed by Sharon Bloch

“The end is near.”

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running quotes

You’ll never know how it feels, unless you start. You’ll never do the impossible, unless you finish.

It’s not sweat… Your fat cells are crying.

Girl please!  My mascara runs faster than you do.

My sport is your sport’s punishment.

And on the 7th day, God rested.  He did an easy 5 miler.

The best diet shake… is the shake your booty makes when you run.

OBSESSED is just a word the LAZY use to describe the dedicated.

My body takes me from A to B, but the real journey is in my mind.

8:00PM…. You have miles to go before you go to sleep.

It starts about the time I walk out my front door. I reach the woods, smell the river and I just feel myself come to life again. It’s like yeah, I’m back.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and pound the pavement. THE INTERNET WILL BE HERE WHEN YOU GET BACK. Promise.

Everything is funner with a runner because we can go long and hard, short and fast, and we even get pretty dirty sometimes (for mud races of course). Endurance is key, although everyone can appreciate a quickie, aka sprinter.

If you want to come in second…follow me!

Yeah I have a diet.  It’s called RUNNING!

Anyone can run a hundred meters, it’s the next forty-two thousand and two hundred that count.

26.2 miles: strength, endurance, finish line, no sweat.  Yeah..I run like a girl!

Just one more mile.  I always have just one more mile in me.

I’ve upped my standards, so UPPP yours.

Hills?  No problem.  We can go up and down for hours.

I run so I can eat the way I do.  Over-train, over-eat!

Run like you stole something!!!

Run like there’s a gnarly bear chasing you and your smothered in  honey!!!

What if the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about?

I work mine off so I can kick yours.

My therapist is the pavement. My drug is endorphins. My foe is the next hill. I am a runner.

RUNNING… Just you and the ground. Nothing fancy. No excuses.

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

There are no limits…ever.

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

I’ve got the runs.

Run to live, live to run.

If this were any easier, it would be called football.

If we play tag, I’d be “it” forever.

I’m a drinker with a running problem.

Didn’t your mother warn you about fast women?!

Pardon my dust while I smoke you.

Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.

Never again until the next one – that’s what marathons do to you.

Running- the real sport.  The others just play with their balls.

Run Hard…And eat all the carbs you want.

Conquer thyself.

“I thought you said this was 2.62 miles!”

Run like a Kenyan!

A marathon is just a 10K with a 20 mile warm-up.

The faster you run.  The sooner you’re done.

Sorry, I’ve got to run. Pun intended.

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you know youre a distance runner when

It turns out we runners have lots in common, and these are 22 signs that you might be a distance runner!  Ha ha ha ENJOY.

You get excited when you hear that there is a new Energy Gel flavor.

You keep track of your shoes’ mileage more than your car’s mileage.

You can use endorphins in a sentence.

You could watch a whole marathon and not be bored.

You always consider chafing while dressing yourself.

Your friends know to never call you after 10:00pm.

You’re not embarrassed to show someone where your hamstring *really* hurts.

You’re not embarrassed to tell your friends you used your mitten to wipe yourself because the port-o-potties were out of toilet paper!

You live in the United States and actually know how far a kilometer is.

You’re covered in lube and have no plans of sex.

You have the memory of a 95-year-old: you limp across the marathon finish in tears from the complete pain and then you start training for the next one two weeks later.

You can name the exact distance from your home to every landmark in town.

You can eat 4,000 calories and still be negative calories for the day.

You could throw away your t-shirt at the end of the day and still go an entire year without having to buy a new one.

You get excited about getting older because of the extra time you get in Boston qualifying times.

You are tallying up this year’s mileage and wondering if it will exceed last year’s!

You’re already worried about how you’ll get your long run in on Christmas this year, with it being on a Saturday!

You’re always aware of the color of your urine (for hydration purposes of course).

You think that not running is cruel & unusual punishment. Even if you’re injured.

You’re more excited to show your running wardrobe off to others than your every day wardrobe.

You look forward to running on the holidays because there’s less traffic to avoid.

You postpone the alcohol consumption at holiday parties/birthdays until after your race.

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running quotes

Those who run seem to have all the fun.— Madonna from the song ”Hung Up”

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. — Jim Ryun, 1968 silver medalist in 1,500 meters

I had to do something to shake up my life and get some sense of control and trust in the world and along the way fill the hollow space. I needed to rebel against those negative forces, to scream so loud and for so long that the anger living inside me would evacuate forever. But instead of screaming, I ran. – Gail W Kislevitz (after her diagnoses with skin cancer.)

Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your eyes off your goal.” — Henry Ford

I don’t love broccoli, and I don’t love the treadmill, but I love the way I feel when I’m healthy and strong. It empowers me in all facets of my life. So remember, that although something may not be fun in the moment, remind yourself of the ultimate reward, and allow that to motivate you through the tough times- Jillian Michaels

Never underestimate the strength of a woman. Never f#@K with one who runs 26.2 miles for fun.

Me and running don’t always see eye to eye. Some days it hurts more than others. But it doesn’t mean I don’t do it.   I deal with it and I keep running because NOT EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU ALWAYS FEELS GOOD FOR YOU.

If one can stick to the training throughout the many long years, then willpower is no longer a problem. It’s raining? That doesn’t matter!

Consistency requires discipline. Force yourself out the door.

We runners don’t need a lot. It is not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance. – Dean Karnazes, ultra-marathoner

The feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.

WARNING: the Surgen General didn’t say anything about not smoking the competition.

Don’t ask me why I run. Ask yourself why you don’t!

If someone invites you to run a mile with them; go for two! – Matthew 5:41 paraphrased

Don’t just do something new once and give up. Give yourself eight tries.

There are clubs you can’t belong to, neighborhoods you won’t live in, schools you can’t get into, but the roads are always open. – JUST DO IT

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